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Aquos brush, 60mm - Antibacterial, jonic, light weight, nano silver, turmaline, boar bristle
Aquos brush, 60mm - Antibacterial, jonic, light weight, nano silver, turmaline, boar bristle
AQUOS BRUSH, 60MM - kiepe 300 gr.
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AQUOS innovative brushes Measurement 60 mm Antibacterial, jonic, light weight, nano silver, turmaline, boar bristle Our brushes are realized with antibacterial materials using the Nano Silver technology, with ceramic covering and elements to prevent the static electricity. During the hair straightening the pipe ceramic covering allows a better thermal conduction avoiding the damaging of the scalp. The ceramic is a non-metallic mineral which, chemically crystallized through a high-pressure and high-temperature treatment called bioceramic, has some advantages in a lot of fields; in our specific case it prevents the hair breaking and curling. The KIEPE-AQUOS brushes use the beneficial effects of the negative ions. In the air there are some small particles and molecules of ions and captions, which are invisible to our eyes. The ions are in pure environments; for example, they are very concentrated in the high mountains, in the forests or near water sources, when humidity and temperature are in a perfect equilibrium. When you are in such environments, you have a sensation of freshness and vitality due to the high concentration of ions in the air. On the contrary, in polluted zones or in zones exposed to electromagnetic waves, the ions cannot be present and therefore the atmosphere becomes full of captions. The ionic KIEPE-AQUOS brushes give a sensation of freshness during their use and lessen the hair tension and wearing. In particular, the square pipe (patented) is an innovative system to smooth, to wave and to crimp the hair: the flat part can be used to smooth, the round profile can be used to wave and to create volume, the whole brush to crimp. The bristles, and the body of the KIEPE brushes, are realized with “Nano Silver” technology (Ag+) with rounded points, which don’t scratch the scalp and which, in despite of the brushes with straight bristles, reduce the impact with the hair. “Silver” (Ag+) has been considered for a long time a substance with natural benefits that prevents the arising of bacters and mushrooms thanks to its action of sterilization and detoxication: “Nano Silver” is a new science that creates and uses a substance, which can be measured only in nanometres. Using this new technology KIEPE offers high quality brushes for the hair health and for a perfect styling.

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